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"Since 2013; Best Customer Experience by Appointment."

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Review; Amber L. — 5 star
June 27

"WOW what a great place to buy a mattress set!!!. BEST prices around!!!. Thank you Doreen for your amazing customer service and for the balloon animals, they were cute and my son loved them!!! I highly recommend them and if I need a mattress again I will definitely buy from them again!!!!"


Reviews; Iris J. — 5 star
July 15 at 2:16 PM

"Many options at great prices and easy financing. Doreen provided exceptional follow up and service. I ordered 3 matresses. Thank you!"


Reviews; Katie B.
June 10

"Awesome Awesome place. You need to come see James and get a new bed. We came today and are leaving with the bed of our dreams for less than $100.00 bucks. They can do less we just got the bed of our dreams. Call and make an appointment to see James. Friendly service and its a 1 on 1 appointment so you leave with what YOU want. We have been looking for months now and this, y'all, is the place to come. Thanks James for your help and friendly customer service and getting Dustin and me into the bed of our dreams."


Reviews, Pop W.
August 11 at 6:29 PM

"We have been customers for over 2 years, with more than one purchase. The first time we shopped all over town, and the internet, and you just can’t get the quality at anywhere near the price. James is honest, straight forward and knowledgeable, with no pressure, and NONE of the run around, hidden expenses “fine print” or double talk we got at other places. You can’t beat the quality or the price!! Thanks!!!"


Reviews; Carolyn L. — 5 star
April 23

"Great customer service & awesome prices. We will be repeat customers. Thank you!!"


Reviews; Ashley B. — 5 star
March 20

"We bought 2 sets of mattresses and box springs yesterday and it was a wonderful night sleep for myself and my daughter last night. The ladies were so helpful and nice while helping us to make sure we got what we needed at a great price. Will be returning in the future to replace my son's mattress."


Reviews; Chris M. — 5 star
February 24

"Excellent service and excellent product. This is the place to go!"


Reviews; Janice B.T. — 5 star
February 18

"Great place to buy a mattress. Top-notch customer service. The mattress had to be ordered, but it came in a week early. I will definitely be a repeat customer."


Reviews; Keshara R. — 5 star
February 24

"Affordable, convenient and comfortable mattresses available. The sales rep was awesome at helping us find just what we needed! 2 thumbs up!!"


Reviews; Erica D.B. — 5 star
March 22

"The first time I came here was 2 years ago with my mother. She loves her mattress and has no problems with it. Today I had an appointment. She took her time with me and went over each mattress and which would be best for me since I have a bad back. She did not push me towards any certain mattress or push me to buy one. Their prices are very reasonable. I would 100% refer anyone to buy their mattress from here."


Reviews; Scott D. — 5 star
February 3

"Great deal, nice people. Super easy to work with. My daughter loves her bed!"


* 2017 *

Reviews; Stefani M.P. — 5 star
December 8, 2017

"Great service and very knowledgeable about the mattresses!! Will definitely shop here again!"


Reviews; Donna LF. — 5 star
December 16, 2017

"Great prices!! Outstanding customer service!! Thank you Doreen for taking the time to listen to my sleeping issues and making great suggestions. It has helped tremendously with my shoulder and hip pain I was having before. Would not hesitate to highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for a great night's sleep!! Thanks again!!"


Reviews; Tatiana Marie V.C. — 5 star
December 14, 2017

"Happy with my purchase! I bought two twin mattress for a good price. The service was fast and excelent. Thank you!"


Reviews; Amy H. — 5 star
November 18, 2017

"Awesome customer service and knowledge here today! Doreen and James were AMAZING. Very excited to sleep in my new mattress!"


Reviews; Micki D.R. — 5 star
December 6, 2017

"I've been doing business with mattress outlet over three years. Unlike any other business... they are always very accommodating and give you personal attention while helping match you to a mattress for your needs by appointment. I know from experience they are serving our community with integrity. Mattress Outlet is the place to get a great quality mattress and get the best value and service."


Reviews; Kisha W. — 5 star
February 25

"I just completed purchase for my brand new gel memory foam bed at a great price. In need of mattresses, try these guys out."


Reviews; Christine G. — 5 star
October 30, 2017

"Best place to buy a mattress period!! We are repeat customers, found them by a little sign while driving by. We were new to NC so we gave them a call. Doreen and Sam are so friendly and welcoming and the prices can’t be beat! Just upgraded our mattress to a king (2 dogs that sleep with us)!! Definitely give them a call when shopping for a mattress or two!"


Reviews Monica Z.S. — 5 star
October 19, 2017

"Went this afternoon to get a good mattress and box spring for my teenage son. Customer service was excelente and they even worked with my budget so my son could get a good bed at a very good price! They're awesome and I know this is where I'll be shopping for my next bed!"


Reviews; Cortney A. — 5 star
October 13, 2017

"Just bought a mattress! Absolutely best customer service and best prices!!"


Reviews; Teresa D. — 5 star
March 25

"If u need a great mattress and box spring come see this guy. James will help u out, work with u to get what u need. I highly recommend and will come back here again!"


Reviews; Sherri F. — 5 star
August 31, 2017

"Very good selection & prices. James was wonderful! Will be returning in the future and asking specifically for James!!"


Reviews; Liz B. — 5 star
August 6, 2017

"Highly recommend this store! Great service, great prices! If you're shopping for a new mattress, definitely stop by!"


Reviews; Greg C. — 5 star
February 3

"My wife suffers from bone cancer and they took the time to meet one on one to help with a comfortable new mattress for her. We will be return customers."


Reviews; Andrew L. — 5 star
July 26, 2017

"Just want to take a moment and thank the staff over at Mattress Outlet of Hickory! We just got an unbelievable king mattress at a great price and didn't feel pressured to make a purchase at all! The staff is very knowledgeable and has the options for any family! Go check them out and speak with anyone there! Michael, James and Doreen are all great! Thanks a bunch guys!!!"


Reviews; Jordan P. — 5 star
July 16, 2017

"Great place. Great prices. Great people. Can't beat the customer service, let alone the prices!"


Reviews; Darren B. — 5 star
August 6, 2017

"Top notch knowledge and customer service! Have bought 3 beds here with no complaints! Thank you guys!"


Reviews; Wayne S. — 5 star
October 26, 2017

"We were looking for a Split King adjustable bed and mattresses. I'm glad we visited Mattress Outlet Hickory! Doreen and James were very helpful, and were able to get us exactly what we were looking for! Thank you!"


Reviews; Cierra W.P. — 5 star
July 16, 2017

"We have shopped around for a mattress and found the best deals here! Customer service was excellent! I will never shop anywhere else for a mattress. Highly recommend!"


Reviews; Holly G. — 5 star
July 8, 2017

"Awesome prices and great quality mattresses! Definitely call them."


Reviews; Valerie ML. — 5 star
May 26

"We spent the morning with Doreen. She suggested we make an appointment so she would have plenty of time to go over everything with us. What a pleasure to have undivided attention to help us choose the proper adjustable bed and mattress! We LOVE Mattress Outlet!"


Reviews; Vinny K. — 5 star
August 4, 2017

"Awesome people!! Great deal!! Go check them out!"


Reviews; Britnee V. — 5 star
June 15, 2017

"Came to just look for a mattress and ended up leaving with a new one! Great service and the prices are so much better than a normal retail place!"


Reviews; Cindy V. — 5 star
May 13, 2017

"Awesome mattress set. Thank you guys for the great service. I am so glad we came to your store. I incourage any one to come there. Great prices.!!"


Reviews; Sherry S. — 5 star
April 29, 2017

"Just moved into the Hickory area 2 weeks ago and was told this was "the best place" to get a mattress. They were absolutely right! Great mattress, great deal and great service. Can't get any better than that!"


Reviews; Kyle U. — 5 star
June 15, 2017

"Just made my first mattress purchase from here and it was a wonderful experience. Doreen helped us out tremendously! The mattress we ended up purchasing was a great deal!"


Reviews; Nikki W. — 5 star
May 4, 2017

"I really was kinda nervous about going to Mattress Outlet because I have always purchased my beds and mattresses from a furniture store but I had the best experience at Mattress Outlet...not only did I get a full understanding about all of the mattresses but I also found what I wanted and what would give me a great nights rest. I greatly appreciate all the help that I received while purchasing my mattress and base....Thank you Mattress Outlet Hickory."


Reviews; Brian M.R. — 5 star
April 15, 2017

"Great service! Great employees! We HIGHLY recommend everyone to purchase from these guys. We will definitely be back!!"


Reviews; Jennifer P. — 5 star
April 29, 2017

"Great experience! Super easy to work with! Will definitely return!"


Reviews; Donna H.H. — 5 star
April 29, 2017

"Very helpful with ALL our questions. No pressure! Glad we came!"


Reviews; Courtney F. — 5 star
April 1, 2017

"What an amazeballs experience! Walked into great service and walked out with great mattresses!!! Best mattress buying experience EVER. If you need a mattress, go see Michael?"


Reviews; Trent N. — 5 star
April 1, 2017

"Thanks to Michael for helping us & letting us try out several mattresses. Michael is super friendly and everyone is super helpful. Try them out!"


Reviews; Lidia G.V. — 5 star
April 1, 2017

"Michael and his staff were very helpful and answered all our questions. I'll come back here again."


Reviews; Paula L.G. — 5 star
March 19, 2017

"Great prices and customer service was wonderful! Thanks again for helping me find the right mattress for my wife and I."


Reviews; Michael B. — 5 star
March 18, 2017

"Only place to buy a mattress! Michael was very knowledgeable and helpful in my selection, no high pressure sales. I've slept on my new king bed now for 3 nights and it is awesome!"

Tom D. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 5 star
June 29. 2018


Pete F. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 5 star
June 29

"Great deals and service."

Mark M. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 5 star
May 2

"Great service, owners were great. Prices are great. Got a good night sleep, finally. Love it!"

Bobbi F. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 5 star
February 11
"5 star service!!! A very professional and friendly place to shop. They met my expectations. Highly recommend them."

"I just bought a mattress from this company and they were very accommodating and professional. I would recommend them to everyone."

Linda P. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 5 star
May 16


Adler J. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 4 star
April 28

"Great service tbh" [tbh=to be honest]

Linda H.G. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 5 star
April 28


Kristyn C. reviewed Mattress Outlet Cape Coral — 5 star
March 5


Zachary R.--5 Star

“About a year ago I bought a great king size mattress for a good price! Still sleeping great!”

April T. — 5 Star

“Just bought a twin size mattress lady was super nice quick and easy.”

Barbie W. — 5 Star

“Very nice and easy to get along with. Listened to me change my mind 100 times and never complained.”

Brooke M. – 5 Star

“My husband and I had a great experience at The Mattress Outlet and can’t imagine going anywhere else from now on. There is quality one on one time that you just won’t find at another store. We never felt rushed and were treated with patience and kindness. I recommend anyone looking for a mattress to go to The Mattress Outlet.”

Bonnie-Lynn — 5 Star

“I would like to recommend Mattress Outlet Hickory. We received our product in a timely manner. James came and set it up. The Crystal Gel Memory Mattress is everything they advertise and more. Best night’s sleep ever. Sure beats sleeping in the recliner. Go talk to them. You won’t be disappointed. Prices and products are great. I’m one happy “sleeper”.”

Clara T.- 5 Star

“Thank you James and Doreen for a great experience in selecting our King sized mattress. Both my husband and I appreciate your knowledge and patience with us as we made our decision. An added bonus was the amazing price. We would have paid considerably more elsewhere. Folks you must make an appointment with this business for your mattress needs.”

Chris H.

“Thank you, we just want to say we love the mattress! Your customer service was wonderful. Thank you again. We’ve slept great ever since we bought our memory foam! Love it!”

Tiffany Castillo

“We drove from Salisbury and was a little late getting there but Sam was very welcoming to us when we arrived. He explained the different types of mattresses and comfort levels accordingly. I have had the best sleep with my new mattress that I purchased from Mattress Outlet. Sam is a great person to work with. I will definitely be back. Thank you”

Summer Angelíce Yancey

“As simple as calling them and setting up a time to go try the beds out. They don’t have many beds. But all of their beds are great. And great prices. I’m very pregnant and sleep like a baby. I know its because of the memory foam with cooling gel we purchased that day. Look online and see the prices from manufacturers (Our was Nature’s Sleep) We saved close to 800$ ! He even delivered it at night, with his personal vehicle for us the same day so we could sleep on it right away.”

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