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Mattress Outlet is locally owned and operated in the
Viewmont area of Hickory and has been serving Catawba and surrounding Counties since 2013.

Meet the owner

Doreen Carson has been in the Mattress and Furniture business since 2007.
Doreen continually strives to offer premium quality products and superior customer service.

How did you choose this line Of work?

I used to own & operate a successful Small Business Consulting Service. One of my clients was the owner of a Retail Mattress Store. I trained him and his staff in retail operations and helped him grown his business to be profitable but he continually wanted to make it bigger which meant increased operating expenses that ultimately transferred to the customer. I believe bigger is not always better and can certainly be more stressful. In 2008 I was injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident and received a Traumatic Brain Injury which forced me to close my consulting business. I was looking for another business opportunity that would allow me the flexibility to continue to recover from my injuries and be the best parent I could be to my children. The idea of operating a store by Appointment is new but it works. I can keep my overhead low and transfer those operating savings to my customer, offering great quality products, superior customer service and lower prices than competitors.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself [that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for others.] -Christ Jesus Matthew 22:39 (AMP)

Readers voted you One Of the best, what does that Mean to you?

I am honored and humbled. To be voted the best after 2.5 years of opening a business means a lot. I moved my family to Hickory to open Mattress Outlet. It was a huge decision to move from Banner Elk, where we lived since 1996. But, it was a good decision for us. Being voted the “Finest Place to Purchase A Mattress,” from a sea of competitors helps us to see that our decision to move and start a business in a town we had not lived in was a great decision. It has not been easy but it has been worth all our efforts, hard work and dedication. We thank our Heavenly Father for leading us to Hickory and the privilege to serve the wonderful customers and people we have met. It has been a Pleasure and a Privilege.

What is next for your industry?

Some of that is confidential because this industry is so very competitive. But my personal goals are: Continue offering Premium Customer Service. Offer the Best Quality Products Available. Provide the Best Possible Savings on those Quality Products. Look for ways to improve on all the above.

What Has been the best day Of your business life?

There have been several and for different reasons. However, what comes to mind most recently is when I received the phone call from Hickory Daily Record telling me that Mattress Outlet had been voted the Finest Place to Purchase a Mattress. Thank you Hickory and all those who have helped support our local, small business and my family!